הסיום.Supervision of projects is required to ensure that things in place are done according to the designer's plan and according to the plans in the hands of the project performer.
From the extensive experience of our engineering team in the supervision of electrical work, piping, framing and construction, we believe that proper and professional supervision leads to a great savings on the expenses involved in supervision work. It is always good to detect work impairments when they can still be corrected rather than after the defects are discovered.

 proper supervision is :
  • Adjusting the work to the programs
  • checking for the quality of the work and meeting timetables
  • Inventory management in the field
  • Fill in logs based on actual testing
  • Help in finding the contractors to carry out the work
The company's team includes experts in the fields of infrastructure, operation and maintenance, which provides full support for the maintenance of the industrial facilities - from the definition stage.
We can provide corrective maintenance, preventive, replacement of old components, upgrading systems, moving machinery and production lines.

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